“I am a Math teacher and currently running a Gifted Math Program for high achievers in grades 1 to 6. Coming up with age appropriate meaningful resources to enhance problem solving and logical thinking is tough, but with “200 Challenging Math Problems” series, I am training my students’ ability to think and process information. Thanks so much for such great products!“

Glen Mandaville

Thank You Learn 2 Think!

“ I just wanted to inform you how much I love your products! Absolute miracle! I have been using the Daily Writing Program for over 4 months now and I have noticed a huge difference in the way my child thinks.”

Nathan Woodmore

“I used ‘200 Challenging Math Problems’ books for my 3rd grader and the 5th grader and I was extremely happy with the philosophy and materials. These books make explicit the kind of thinking that every student should go through while learning math. Unlike most approaches that focus on learning mathematical processes to obtain a correct answer, these books focus on developing thinking and trains the mind to manipulate numbers and concepts. It is very concrete and forces students to focus on problem solving. I feel like after a year, my sons have a very good grasp of concept of numbers and their relationships and are beginning to play around with them in their mind. These books inspired the kind of thinking that every kid should be exposed to.”

Carol A. Wayne
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