Children have the best creative brains. They can turn a cloud into a fire spitting dragon, an old box into a treasure chest, a torn rag into a ball gown. They constantly visualize, weave stories and create a beautiful make believe world all through the stretch of their imagination. Give your child a constant encouragement and a listening ear to create and pen down these thoughts in an orderly way. Give them interesting writing activities regularly to nurture this habit for a lifetime and boost their communication and self-expression. Kids who have mastered the art of expressing themselves through written and spoken words excel both educationally and socially.

Our ‘Daily Writing Practice Program’is guaranteed to get every child thinking and every pencil moving. This year-long52 week program will make your child write regularly, purposefully, and happily. Children will explore various genres of writing as they write their own jokes, riddles or poems, create a brochure or a menu, narrate a story or write a new fairy tale, put up an argument for or against homework; the book has it all. Each book in the series is filled up with exciting prompts to give a meaningful stimulation to child’s thinking. Attempting these activities regularly will shape the emerging writers and give an immense leap to their creativity.


So start nibbling and munching this book to feed your thinking, imagination, and creative expression. Watch your writing apetite soar as you gobble page to page. This year long supply of amazing writing prompts will get you hungry for writing more and more forever and bulid every muscle that is required to grow into a proficient writer.


How to use the Program

The book is designed to be an year long writing program. The book has 52 engaging writing activities for 52 weeks of the year.The writing prompt on each page is intended to be the activity for one whole week. Encourage children to do a lot of brainstorming and spend time in planning their weekly writing piece.Guide them to gather information, organise ideas and then get started with the actual writing assignment. You can help them to look for relevant information in newspapers, magazines or through web search.

It is not important that you finish all the activities in sequence. You can go for your favorite picks first and then come back to finish others. The only rule to be followed while writing is to fuel your pencil with millions of ideas fizzing out of your brain. In doing so you will discover the true joy and craft of writing.

Happy writing!