Good writing skills should be taught to children right from young. Children learn this skill by the frequency of practice; the more they practice the better they become. It is important that a child’s imagination is ignited to think and write regularly. Children should feel connected to the writing task they are immersed in; not dread it. There are many things that you can do to encourage a love for writing in your children and to provide them the regular practice they need to become proficient at this skill. Don’t expect to see a spectacular piece of writing from children by just providing them a pen and blank piece of paper. Make the process of writing fun and engaging. Take them for a nature walk to write poems, just watch people in a shopping mall to come up with ideas for unique characters, have them write that suspense story in a candle light, and write the recipe of a magic potion sitting by the gas burner. Following are some suggested activities that you can do to spark children’s imagination and kindle expression.

1. Family Book: Work on a family book with your children in which they record important events that happen over a course of time in their life. This will be a good way to preserve memories as well.

2. Gratitude notes:Encourage your children to write thank you notes for every act of kindness that see in their life. This will encourage them to write often to express their feelings. After all writing is all about communicating the feelings.

3. Writing reviews:It is very important to teach children to develop their own opinion and views about something. Expressing their opinion appropriately through words should be essentially taught to children. Ask them to write a review about a movie they watched or a story they heard or read. You can extend this activity and have children write reviews about their favorite places, restaurants etc.

4. Letter exchanges: Encourage your children to write letters to distant relatives and friends. A thoughtful piece of expression in the form of a hand written letter can prove to be a treasure worth saving for life and a good tool to encourage expression through words.
5. Making story out of a picture:Show children an interesting picture and ask them to write as many possible interpretations of the picture. Ask them to weave a story around what they see in the picture.

6. Pictures of unknown people:Cut out pictures of unknown people from magazines or newspapers and ask children to write about who the people are, what their lives are like, where do they live.

7. Newspaper Advertisement:Cut out any advertisement from the newspaper and ask children to come up with their version of the advertisement of the same product.

8. Writing play scripts: Have your children write scripts and perform a puppet show or a play using their toys or objects at home.

9. Make a word jar: Put some slips of paper in a jar with interesting words written on them. Let the children pick three to five words and make up a story using them. Ask children to constantly add new words to the jar. It will be a good vocabulary building exercise as well.

10. Display pieces of writing:Come up with a good display of children’s written work. Tell them how much you appreciate their creative work and let them feel proud of it.

Most importantly,have fun writing.