Science Behind L2T


Children get better at Math through Problem Solving

Solving math problems is core to understanding math concepts. When Math problems are presented as real-life problems students get a chance to apply their Math knowledge and skills. Word problems progressively develop a student’s ability to visualize and logically interpret Mathematical situations. Our ‘200 Challenging Math Problems Series’provides numerous opportunities to every student to practice [...]


Unleash and train your child’s Creative Thinking

Children have the best creative brains. They can turn a cloud into a fire spitting dragon, an old box into a treasure chest, a torn rag into a ball gown. They constantly visualize, weave stories and create a beautiful make believe world all through the stretch of their imagination. Give your child a constant encouragement [...]


Ideas to get children Writing Creatively

Good writing skills should be taught to children right from young. Children learn this skill by the frequency of practice; the more they practice the better they become. It is important that a child’s imagination is ignited to think and write regularly. Children should feel connected to the writing task they are immersed in; not [...]


Why every Child should learn to Draw!

Drawing is a great communication device for us human beings. Sometimes a pencil can do a much more meaningful task where words can’t. Drawing succeeds where language fails. According to research, students better remember information when it is represented and learned both visually and verbally. It is proven that drawing enhances brain development and helps [...]